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Hello and welcome to TheBerlingDream.com!  Thank you for giving the Berling family an opportunity to share their story with you.

On the night of April 29, 2007, while an active duty Air Force Captain, David Berling was in a private plane crash in Los Angeles, California.  He was the only person on board.  LA County firefighters, paramedics, and sheriff's deputies arrived at the scene within minutes and were surprised to find David alive. The team stabilized David as he hung upside down in his aircraft and prayed for the best when an ambulance whisked him away to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. 

Ultimately, David suffered multiple injuries requiring two amputations, 28 surgeries, and a hospital stay of over two months.  As a military service member, he was transferred to the Naval Medical Center San Diego for the majority of his treatment and recovery.   

Just Living the Dream: No Way Out But Through
is a 2013 biography by Captain David Berling (retired), Melissa Berling, and Kim Berling.  It is a family's inspiring true story of a pilot's journey through recovering from a traumatic plane crash to getting back in the cockpit.  Just Living the Dream
begins with the phone call nobody wants to receive, a voice on the line saying, "There's been an accident."  What follows is a testament to the hope, perseverance, loyalty, and love required to recover.  The story is an intimate look into the Berling family's lives during the days and months after that fateful night.  It's an honest read, with refreshing humor, that may inspire you to live your own dream.

News coverage from the night of David's plane crash.

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